1. Cinefilipino Series are defined as narrative content created and developed for both online (streaming, video-on-demand) and television consumption. A season shall be comprised of six (6) 45 minutes episodes, capable of being continued onto a second season and potentially being consumed in different markets outside of the Philippines


  1. Any filmmaker, 18 years old and above, of Filipino citizenship or descent can enter. For Participants or Entrants of Filipino descent but non-citizens: Submit proof of Filipino lineage (may be NSO-certified birth certificate of relative establishing Filipino lineage).
  2. Entrants must comply with all submission requirements in a timely fashion as specified in this document.


  1. A duly completed application form (download-able from the website www.cinefilipino.com) inclusive of the following details must be uploaded to the cinefilipino.com website. A saved copy in a properly labeled flash drive must be submitted together with the following :
    1. BRIEF SYNOPSIS (300 words max, letter-sized bond paper, 1-inch margin all around, 11 points, Calibri, not to exceed one page).
    2. PILOT EPISODE SCRIPT and FULL STORYLINES FOR THE NEXT 5 EPISODES (using Courier Font, 11 points) must be submitted in one (1) hard (printed) copy with pagination and two (2) soft copies (Microsoft Word Document - .doc and/or .docx). The pilot’s running time should be between 30 - 45 minutes.
    3. A brief resume/bio-data and two (2) recent 2X2 photos of the proponent(s)/entrant(s).
    4. Names of the proposed or suggested key creative and production team (i.e. writer, director, producer, editor, director of cinematography, production designer, etc.).
    5. Proposed production budget.
    6. Proposed shooting schedule.
    7. Samples of work for TV and film.
  2. ALL entries must be submitted in a long brown envelope properly labeled with the proponent(s)' name(s), project title and contact details (e-mail, phone, home and/or office address). Reminder: THE SCRIPT, LOGLINE, AS WELL AS THE BRIEF AND DETAILED SYNOPSES MUST NOT BEAR THE NAME OF THE PROPONENT(S).
  3. All these materials must be sent via certified mail or dropped off no later than 7:00 pm, on April 30, 2019 at the CineFilipino Film Festival™ Office c/o Unitel Productions, Inc. – 4th Floor Salustiana D. Ty Tower, 104 Paseo de Roxas corner Perea Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229. For more info, call the CineFilipino Film Festival™ Office at 830-2291.


  1. 15 semi-finalists shall be selected and pitch their projects to the selection committee. 5 finalists shall be awarded a production contract for 1 season.
  2. An e-mail will be sent to the contact person/s about whether or not their script was selected to be a part of the festival.
  3. If selected, the contact person/s has/have to reply within ten (10) working days to confirm their participation, and verify their intent to produce the submitted script.
  4. A pitch shall be scheduled for the semi-finalists. In the pitch, semi-finalists must present a complete pitch deck with a comprehensive story arc for 6 episodes, a trailer or sizzle reel, a key visual/art that represents the concept, visual pegs, production design vision, a projected budget and timetable and potential for sponsors and transmedia.
  5. If they do decide to continue with the series production, a contract will be sent to the contact person. Please take note that as selected eligible entrant, you will only be given 30 days to rescind your intent to participate. Should you be unable to continue filming, a penalty will be imposed.


  1. Originality of material and freshness of approach.
  2. Material must have a unique, Filipino take on a universal subject matter of human experience such as love, hope, compassion, depression
  3. Strong potential for audience engagement by being able to :
    1. Extend from one season to another
    2. Travel to other markets
  4. Can fit a budget of 1.5M per episode, with a potential to produce six (or more 30-45 minute episodes)


  1. CineFilipino is represented by the Festival Director and Secretariat.
  2. If you have been chosen, you may only upload the original file in the CineFilipino website (cinefilipino.com). This is to ensure that no reactions or shares may bebought in the spirit of fairness.
  3. Once your script has officially been announced as part of the finalists for CineFilipino Film Festival (CFFF) 2019, you may then share it on any social media platform or in any way you see fit. All finalists may only release their own announcements after CineFilipino has made its own. All finalists will receive an email giving them the signal to start promoting their films.
  4. All finalists and winners shall be asked to sign a Memorandum of Agreement between the principal and the entrant. The entrants shall be given 15 days to review the contract and revert. Once all parties have mutually agreed, any breach of contract will result in penalties, or at worst, disqualification and a suspension period from joining future CFFFs.